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-Healed of Severe Neck Pain and Fibromyalgia

I have had fibromyalgia for the asthma 35 years. I also have arthritis in my spine along with stenosis, deterioration of the discs and other problems. I lived a life in severe pain or on heavy doses of pain medication. Jesus began healing me about a month and 1/2 ago.

My final healing came after telling my daughter I just had one more serious pain in my neck. This was on the way to a Monday night service at VCC. After praise and worship a man came to the front of the church and said someone has a pain in their neck, pointing to the exact location of my pain, and said the Lord wanted to heal me. My daughter, sitting next to me, shouted to me, “That’s you”….I stood up and received prayer. The Lord Jesus healed me completely ! God is so awesome and I am loved by Him! Thank you Jesus for the blessing.

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-Mail Box Money

Over paid rent refunded, amen


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-Please Pray for Lungs

Just read a story on Internet of Jacobs lung miracle back in 2009. It encouraged me. Could you all pray for me? I am a married spirit filled Anglican priest in Louisville. Kentucky. I was recently diagnosed with a terminal lung disease but I believe in miracles! I need a creative miracle of new lungs.Thanks for your prayers.
Father Mike O.

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-Praise Report: Mail Box Money

I just want to send a testimony about mailbox money. Even though I am a member of another church, I attended a few VCC Men’s Prayer times late last year and a few other special events got prayer for financial blessings/employment. I got a raise and promotion back in February and I have received mailbox money at least six times this year totally more than $600!
Thank you Jesus!
In Christ Alone,
Carlos D

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-Financial Blessing

I’m an Practice Manager for a Lung Surgeon.  The Lord drop this Job in my lap ( A true miracle) a year and a half ago.  My Doctor is a Christian, we pray and believe God will provide for this practice financially.   Since I’ve come aboard we’ve since the Lord presence in this office.  A huge MIRCALE happen a week ago when we receive over $65K in ONE week.  Money that was owed to us either by patients or the insurance companies.  This miracle blessed the Doctor and myself so much that it brought tears to our eyes with thanksgiving and praise.  God is truly faithful! He is showing us to believe and trust in him and his ways. 

Thank you Lord for your Financial Blessings in the work place!

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-Praise Reports for April


Praise: God did a miracle through kind people who paid for my son to go on a school field trip.



My sugar level has gone from 450 to 103. This is good.



Praise: I start my new job on Monday….YES!!!


-No Date

I received over $1,000.00 in the mail last week.

Someone bought me a condo.



Jesus healed me from a very nasty sinus infection and cough.

Thank you, Jesus.



I submitted a prayer request for a girl at my school for her mother who had cancer. She told me last week that her mother was cured of cancer. Praise God. Thank you.



Praise: Son came back happy and safe from a God blessed school field trip which God provided the funds through kind people and the assistant superintendent.



Thank you for your prayers. God answered our prayer for our Son to get a job. He was hired this past week. We are so thankful.

Thank you. May God bless you.



I am cancer free! Praise God. I have received a promise from the Lord that it will not return. This chapter is closed. I am to move forward into the Promise Land; a new season of my life.

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